Every Moment is a Memory


SKJERVEN is timeless and sophisticated fine jewellery.  

The jewellery is handmade and includes a redesign of the famous pattern LOTUS, designed by the Norwegian artist Arne Clausen, when he was working at Cathrineholm, early in the 1960`s. 

SKJERVEN is proud to have the rights, and to present the original LOTUS pattern as a part of the brand.


Hege Skjerven Clausen are founder and the head creative designer of the brand. Her husband is the grandson of Arne Clausen. 

All LOTUS jewellery is designed by original drawings, inherited by Arne Clausen.


All LOTUS Collections are a tribute to Norwegian design and to the artist that made the beautiful pattern that will last for generations ... 



Please contact for customade orders. 

Cover photos: Per Heimly

Est. 2014.